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Business Counseling

Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation

Every contract has unique terms, some of which can have critical implications if not understood or modified. It is far less expensive to have a lawyer review your contract BEFORE you sign it rather than learn what it really says after there is a problem.   Finnerty Law Offices, Inc. can assist with negotiation and drafting of:

  • Intellectual Property Agreements
  • Real Property Purchase, Sale and Lease documents
  • Finance Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Investor Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Employment/Consulting Agreements
  • Licensing & Distribution Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements

Business Entity Formation

Should you form a corporation? An S Corp. or a C Corp? A limited liability company? A partnership, joint venture or sole proprietorship? These questions have significant legal, tax and financing implications that affect your business.

Most “off the shelf” or do-it-yourself formation documents fail to address key issues that can lead to expensive litigation later.

In each case, exposure to liability must be considered when starting a business. We will give you the advice necessary to determine which entity type is best suited for your business, based upon your financial investment and management structuring.

Ms. Finnerty has extensive experience guiding businesses through the maze of California laws and regulations relating to business operations and, where securities or complex tax questions arise, has the contacts and relationships necessary to get you the expert advice your business needs.